If you have an iPhone, you know Adam Cheyer’s work. He was the Co-Founder of Siri, Inc.

He’s now the Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Viv Labs.

Their mission is to: Radically simplify the world by providing an intelligent interface for everything.

He’s also one of the founders of Sentient Technologies, which was founded in 2007 and has generated over $143 million in funding since its inception.

In this conversation, we talked about having a vision for what you prioritize most (he has goals for his self, for the world, and financially). He thinks “at scale.”

For example, Change.org was inspired by his “for the world” goal.

We talked about the inception of Siri, and where machine learning is headed next, and debated if it’s good or bad for the future.

We also discussed how he creates and approaches seemingly insurmountable challenges and achieves them.

Oh — and Adam is an author of 60 publications and 26 patents.

Also, there are so many pearls of wisdom that are shared in these conversations. If you’re looking for bite-sized gems, download the podcast – Minutes on Mastery.

“If I’m following my true path, I will be successful somehow.”

In This Episode:

  • Interest in magic from an early age leading to his professional life
  • Consumption vs. Production (being consumed by things such as phone, tv, etc vs spending your time on things that lead to the production of new things)
  • Inspiration vs. Desperation.. comparing and contrasting how those can be motivating factors
  • How he approached insurmountable challenges in college
  • Staying true to your authenticity
  • The power of a verbally stated goal
  • Translating core emotions into a focused goal
  • Why failure doesn’t worry him
  • How he started SIRI
  • Where he sees the future of AI headed
  • What’s in store for his latest project: VIV
  • Why he doesn’t love the concept of reaching the point of mastery


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“Do more than you think you can.”

“A rewarding life includes many chapters and themes as you change who you are and what you need.”

“Seek the truth and make it come true.”

“If you can appreciate every moment you have, you’ll have a happy life.”


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Adam Cheyer is Co-Founder and VP Engineering at Viv Labs, and previously was co-founder and VP Engineering at Siri, Inc. When Siri was acquired by Apple, he was a Director of Engineering in the iOS group.  Adam also helped start two other companies, Sentient Technologies and Change.org, and is the author of 60 publications and 26 patents.